The ultra-long ski crossing of the Airborne Forces (VDV), which is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School named after General Army General Margelov, is attended by 300 of the most physically fit servicemen with high moral and business qualities.

On February 4, the landing force of the 31st Airborne Brigade was met in Saransk by a ski biathlon complex. Participants of the race will make stops in Zubovo-Polansky district, Shatsk and Sasovo. The ski crossing will take place simultaneously in ten Russian cities.

The event was attended by the staff of the Regional and Local Department of DOSAAF of the Republic of Mordovia, RPGGKVSi, TsSTK DOSAAF of Russia, CAC DOSAAF of the Russian Federation, Regional Center for Preparations for the Armed Forces and WAP of the DOSAAF of Russia, representatives of the Ministry of Defense, GDP “Unarmia”, MRPO “Search”, and also students of cadet classes and activists of public associations.

In addition, the forces of DOSAAF of Russia and the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia organized a field kitchen.

Unarmists and Cadets paratroopers showed the skill of hand-to-hand combat, and also a meeting took place in which servicemen answered the questions of schoolchildren about the service in the Land Forces.

Welcoming speeches were made by the Military Commissar of the Republic of Mordovia, Igor Tikhomirov, and the Commander of the 31st Independent Guards Airborne Assault Brigade Anufreichik Viktor Mikhailovich