In the capital of Udmurtia, Izhevsk, the PFD Championships in biathlon among young men and girls 2003-2004 of the year of the year ended. (selection for the II All-Russian Winter Spartakiada sports schools).

Pupils of the State University of the Republic of Moldova “Soshor on winter sports” pleased with their results.

February 3 in the race for 6 km Konkin Yaroslav showed the best result and with two misses became the winner, ahead of the opponent from Udmurtia for 4.4 seconds. Ilya Peregudin became the 9th, and Zorkin Yuri and Junin Danila on the 13th and 16th, respectively.

In the race for 5 km among the girls, the best of our athletes was Chernova Alisa, she is 4th. The 8th place was taken by Gurkina Diana, and Viktoriya Vechkanova became the 11th.

On February 5 sprint races took place.
The victory was celebrated, as well as in the individual race, Konkin Yaroslav. The second was another of our pupils – Peregudin Ilya, the fifth was Filimonov Michael.

In the sprint among the girls the 6th and 7th place was taken by Vechkanova Victoria and Alexander Chubarova, respectively. 10th place was occupied by Chernova Alisa.

Today, on February 6th, the PFD Championship ended with relay races.
Our guys won bronze medals, and the girls became the fifth.

According to the results of the team test, the national team of the GAU RM “The SSR for winter sports” won first place !!!