Pervouralsk Fund for Entrepreneurship Support (PFOP) was established on April 29, 2016 to work with beginners and current entrepreneurs, legal entities and individuals operating in the territory of the Pervouralsk GO.

The main activities of the PFFTU are consultations on various business issues, including tools for supporting entrepreneurship in the Sverdlovsk region (grants, subsidies, etc.), as well as organizing and conducting training seminars, trainings, fairs, exhibitions, business events.

In addition, the PFFTU is the official representative of the Regional Fund for Entrepreneurship Support in Microfinance, that is, receiving of microloans on preferential terms for the development / modernization of business, as well as replenishment of working capital.

On the basis of the PFFTU there is an annual «School of Business» for high school students, students and young people under 35 years.

Another objective of the Foundation is cooperation between large and small business of the city, as well as effective interaction of small entrepreneurs among themselves. To this end, the PFOP organizes business meetings, round tables, networking, etc.

The Fund also analyzes information on the state of market niches in the urban district, regularly conducts polls population on the state of the economy, the quality of goods and services. On the basis of the Fund, information on  investment sites in the city.

  • If you want to start a business or develop it
  • If you want to know what the state can help entrepreneurs
  • If you are interested in business training or advanced training
  • If you want to get acquainted and start communicating with the same entrepreneurs
  • If you need money

We will be glad to see each of you in the Pervouralsk Fund for Entrepreneurship Support!

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