One of the most important sports facilities in the region. Its construction was started in 2005 within the framework of the federal program “Development of Physical Culture and Sport in the Russian Federation for 2006-2016” and on July 17, 2007 a modern sports facility was solemnly put into operation.




The ski and biathlon center of the Republic of Mordovia was inaugurated on July 17, 2007. The very next day after its opening, the complex took the first competition – the Russian Summer Biathlon Championships. Their participants and guests, among whom were deputy head of the Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sports Yu.V. Avdeev, president of the Russian Biathlon Union, four-time Olympic champion A.I. Tikhonov, Hero of Russia, six-time Olympic champion, honorary citizen of the RM LI. Egorova, gave the highest marks to the constructed structure. High guests noted its exceptional importance both for the preparation of young biathlonists and skiers of the Republic of Mordovia, as well as for conducting competitions and training camps of national and international importance. Situated in a picturesque corner of Saransk, the ski and biathlon center includes an administrative building with comfortable accommodation for athletes, comfortable locker rooms, a gym, a press center, a commentator’s cabin and a buffet.

The ski biathlon center is equipped with thirty electronic-mechanical rifle installations of the firm “Kurvinen”. Timing is conducted on the equipment of the firm “Siwidata”. Eight-meter electronic display with a scrolling line. Premises for preparation of skis. Two grandstands for 500 and 700 seats (total 1200). A room for storing 300 barrels of weapons, rooms for teams, a buffet for 40 seats. Illuminated route 2,6 km with a height difference of up to 75 m. In the free time of the competition at the Ski Biathlon Center for classes in ski training and biathlon schoolchildren and students, there is a rental service (more in the section “Services”) Ski Biathlon Complex of the Republic Mordovia for three years of existence managed to become a favorite vacation spot for residents and guests of Saransk. The complex’s activities include a wide range of sports and recreational services, it allows developing partnerships with consumers, various social groups, other sports centers, authorities and the public.

The AC up to “RC-SDYUSSHOR for winter sports of the Republic of Moldova” was opened on March 27, 2007. Legal and actual address: Republic of Moldova, Saransk, ul. Engels Street 31.

The Autonomous Additional Education Institution “Regional Center – Specialized Children and Youth Sports School of the Olympic Reserve for Winter Sports of the Republic of Mordovia” is administered by the Ministry of Sport and Physical Culture of the Republic of Mordovia

The sports school, being an institution of additional education for children, is called upon to promote self-improvement, development of motivation, education of children, professional self-determination in the formation of a healthy lifestyle, development of physical, intellectual and moral abilities.

The institution has developed an educational program. The program is intended for the organization and planning of educational work, the definition of occupancy and volume of occupations of different age groups, age criteria for admission to studies, control requirements for periods and years of training.

The school cultivates biathlon, cross-country skiing and orienteering and other winter sports. The academic year starts on September 1. The duration of the school year is 52 weeks (46 weeks of training sessions, directly in the conditions of the sports school and an additional 6 weeks – in the conditions of the health-sports camp and according to the individual plans of the students for the period of their active rest). All are accepted at the age of 8 years. Training in the institution is conducted in Russian.

The organization of the educational process is based on the curriculum. The coaching staff of the school works according to the standard federal programs developed by the Russian Federation Committee on Physical Culture and Sports, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and the Federations by sport of the Russian Federation. And also, based on the conditions of work of the sports school, the programs for the departments have been adapted and individual programs for the sports have been introduced into the educational process.

The main forms of the training process are:

  • group training and theoretical studies;
  • work on individual plans (mandatory at the stage of sports improvement and the stage of higher sportsmanship);
  • independent training of athletes on individual plans and on the instructions of the coach;
  • medico-rehabilitation (rehabilitation) measures;
  • medical control and medical examination;
  • participation in competitions of different rank;
  • participation in training camps;
  • participation in sports camps;


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